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The Lux by Maju campaign- When beauty meets Fashion


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In line with their recent collaboration, Lux, the beauty soap brand from Unilever Nigeria Plc and renowned fashion brand Maju follow up on their latest campaign with the Lux by Maju Beauty Edit which features beauty influencers.

The Lux by Maju Campaign is inspired by the five variants of the Lux beauty soap range. Each soap variant is inspired by a personality which is embodied by each of the 5 influencers we have chosen.  The ladies have made great strides in the beauty industry and their impeccable sense of style hasn’t gone unnoticed in the fashion world.

Beauty blogger Ezinne Alfa of @beautyinlagos personalises the Lux ‘Wake me up’ variant. She is your down to earth best friend in your head who always gives the inside scoop on where to get the best beauty services & products in Nigeria.

Lifestyle blogger and beauty entrepreneur Kehinde Smith of @myextensionz covers the ‘Soft Caress’ personality. She is a bold and daring entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to go after what she wants.

Beauty influencer and Youtuber Dimma Umeh of @DimmaUmeh is our ‘Soft Touch’ personality. She is the most pleasant person you’d meet, reserved and shy, but there's a very honest and open side to her which comes out in her videos and tutorials online.

Makeup artist and lifestyle blogger Dodos Uvieghara of @iamdodos is our ‘velvet touch’ personality. She is very fashionable, cheerful and loves the finer things in life.  She is a woman who loves to be pampered and will smile while at it.

Beauty Queen turned Aviator Powede Lawrence is our ‘Shake me up’ personality. She is fun loving, very adventurous and lives her life fearlessly!

The Lux MAJU edit will be available for purchase on the 10th of September, 2017 at Tickle Bay, Lekki, from 2pm.

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Photographer: Anny Robert @anny_robert

Muses: Kehinde Smith (@kehinde_smith), Dodos Uvieghara (@iamdodos), Ezinne Alfa (@beautyinlagos), Powede Lawrence (@powedelawrence), Dimma Umeh (@dimmaumeh)

Make Up: D'artiste by Dodos @dbdbeautystudio

Styling: The Moashy Company @moashystyling

Creative & Art Direction: Anny Robert @anny_robert & Victor Kalu for @greywoulfe

Campaign strategist and PR: Style Me Africa

Video: Grey Woulfe @greywoulfe

Brands: Lux Beauty Soap @HouseofLuxNG  Maju @ShopMaju

Location: Tickle Bay Lekki Lagos @ticklebay


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What Lux Variant Are You?

Each variant has been tailored to suit your personality and style.

Play this game to find out your LUX Variant.


Click the Lux image below to play now.



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